Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Building designer aims high at Reilly Studios

Reprint from the Portsmouth Herald

Building designer aims high at Reilly Studios

Designer Ron Reilly, owner of Reilly Studios in Dover, works
with institutions across the country that are seeking to modernize
their look with environments that are comfortable and customer-friendly.

September 21, 2010 

DOVER — After years of collaborating with some of the leading architectural firms on the Seacoast, designer Ron Reilly is grabbing the attention of financial institutions across the country that are seeking to modernize their look and create environments that are comfortable and customer-friendly.

Reilly has 20 years of experience designing spaces for a range of clients from the hospitality and retail industries to individuals. Having specialized in financial retail design for nearly 10 years, his firm has further developed its reach and portfolio over the past 12 months. Reilly has been traveling as far away as Alaska to work with institutions like Alaska USA Federal Credit Union.

"This recent growth has been gratifying," said Reilly, who has operated Reilly Studios at 1 Washington Center in Dover since 2006. "And while I consider myself the ideal collaborator, whether it is with an individual, a corporation or an architectural firm, I think my talents are particularly well-suited to the financial sector."
Such spaces, Reilly said, need to have flow and accessibility.

"The customer expects great service, privacy and needs to feel comfortable," he said. "When someone enters any kind of financial institution, they need to instinctively know where to go, even if it is a new branch. My designs combine the best of our experience in hospitality, retail and interiors to facilitate that."

Reilly said he starts with a simple premise: To understand the client's brand. He said he is adept at maintaining the core values of a client's brand when creating the look and feel, while bringing his unique flair to each project.
"The key is wanting your clients to retain their voice and vision," he said. "They want me to respect their brand, while also offering suggestions that can strengthen the value they have in the marketplace.

"That added value can often be found in the environment inside a building. A logo may offer brand identity, and of course the exterior of a building needs to look pleasing and unique, but if you also design interiors that function well and look great, that is something that will strengthen a customer's loyalty to a particular brand."
In a recent project for WSFS Bank in Delaware, Reilly designed a new branch prototype that is brighter, more open and operates more efficiently. The flexible design can be built in different sizes, creates a more contemporary environment, and is more appealing to both employees and customers, he said.

Reilly continues to work with some of the leading architectural firms in New England.

"One of the overlooked qualities of living in this area is that we have architects that are helping to create a 21st century look for New England, while maintaining the core values of its historic past," he said. "When you walk through Portsmouth for example, you will see many new buildings, but the personality of the city has not changed. That's because we have architects and designers who know and respect that history, but who are also willing to try new ideas."

One example is the contemporary design Reilly did for the renovation of 111 Maplewood Ave., former home of the Portsmouth Herald, with Destefano Architects.

"I'm pleased to be a part of these projects and will continue to be a part of that process," he said.
Reilly is starting new projects in places such as Florida and Pennsylvania.

"I understand and can meet the challenges of every project from inception to completion," he said. "This process is so complex, you have to stay vigilant through each phase. What I try to do is combine the practical and the elegant. These are two things our man-made environments truly need."

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Reilly Studios
Owner: Ron Reilly
Address: 1 Washington Center, Dover
Phone: 343-2298


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