Friday, February 5, 2010

Think Snow!

While here in the northeast we're not getting any snow this week, our friends and family in the Mid-Atlantic states are getting up to 2 feet of snow! We've had a couple friends of ours express interest in the "mountain style" architecture we do. I think people are drawn to this style of home and its construction because of its romance and 'genuineness.' This style of architecture is reminiscent of old pioneer architecture of the west. Built by hand from materials from the very sites on which they were to be built. Kind of makes them, by today's standards, the ultimate "green home" in a way huh?


Perhaps the other reason people find themselves drawn to this style is the romantic idea of escaping to a remote cabin in the woods or on a mountaintop. Sort of a resort vacation in their own sanctuary. Whatever the reason we love doing this type of home. Maybe its our way of escaping to a mountaintop once in a while too?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creating more presence with great windows

In the process of working on the design of a new branch for a client, they decided that the new branch should emulate the look of their new operations building. The operations building was 2 stories and therefore had tall expanses of glass. The branch being only 1 story wouldn't really "need" tall window since there was no second floor. 

We recommended that rather than use spandrel glass (which would just look dark at night) we should open up those windows to allow for more daylighting and create opportunities for bold colors, graphics or branding behind the glass. This would give the branch much more presence in on the site which is a pad site in front of a large shopping center. As you can see in the images below - we think it's pretty effective.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Introduction to Reilly Studios

Reilly Studios is an architectural and environments design collaborator and consulting studio focused on the inventive conception of built environments. We utilize the right blend of architectural and interior design with graphics and technology to convey the branding and positioning of companies. We provide compelling spaces that sell.

We also specialize in providing residential design solutions for developers striving to accommodate a chosen demographic as well as solutions for discriminating buyers who desire distinctive homes or vacation getaways that reflect their individual personalities and dreams. Reilly Studios brings together, through strategic partnerships, the right talent at the right time to fulfill each clients’ needs.

We strive to provide the most efficient way possible for large development interests and small or start-up companies to benefit from our experience, and that of our partners, to bring them the exceptional creativity and service one might expect of a much larger studio.