Friday, February 5, 2010

Think Snow!

While here in the northeast we're not getting any snow this week, our friends and family in the Mid-Atlantic states are getting up to 2 feet of snow! We've had a couple friends of ours express interest in the "mountain style" architecture we do. I think people are drawn to this style of home and its construction because of its romance and 'genuineness.' This style of architecture is reminiscent of old pioneer architecture of the west. Built by hand from materials from the very sites on which they were to be built. Kind of makes them, by today's standards, the ultimate "green home" in a way huh?


Perhaps the other reason people find themselves drawn to this style is the romantic idea of escaping to a remote cabin in the woods or on a mountaintop. Sort of a resort vacation in their own sanctuary. Whatever the reason we love doing this type of home. Maybe its our way of escaping to a mountaintop once in a while too?

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  1. Hi
    Looks rather familiar. When are we going to build it?